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1,600,000 For sale eredo epe lagos


Just recently, I was discussing with my friend who is an economic expert about Free Trade Zones in Nigeria. So we talked briefly about this Zone that has managed to compete with the likes of Banana Island and commands the most expensive real estate in Nigeria.

He then mentioned something that caught my attention. He said, "Did you know that it's not only in Ibeju Lekki / Epe we have Free Trade Zones in Lagos?" I was like; Oh really?

He said yes, that we've always had one right under our nose (even before Dangote Refinery started) that we never even considered. I was still trying to figure out where this place was that I never knew, when he said it was Eko Atlantic City.

If you see the way I felt so stupid that day ehn, you'll just laugh at me. I never expected it. But after that conversation, I decided to do my research that confirmed the City's status as a Free Zone and some other interesting facts.

What led to that conversation?

Well, we were talking about Nigeria's economy, how the continuous Naira devaluation has affected Naira-based assets (especially illiquid assets like Real estate) and dollar earning investors, and inflation. We looked at real estate assets in locations that have performed well, in spite of our fallen currency and rising inflation.

That was how Eko Atlantic popped up. Eko Atlantic was launched in 2009 when our economy was just recovering from a Global Economic Crises that hit our financial market so bad.

When this project took off, a piece of land sold for about $1,000 per sqm. Today, it sells for about $1,800 per sqm and can go for as high as $3,000 per sqm. Imagine converting that to Naira right now as an investor, your ROI will be a lot.

Another location that has seen massive price growth is Epe. Imagine watching your asset grow by over 900% in 9 years. That is how far real estate prices in Epe have grown between 2011 till date. Trust me, the growth projections we have for Epe within the next 10 years is not something you should ignore.

In fact, just eight (8) months after Ogun state began the dualization of Ibeju Ode-Epe road, the Lagos State Government has announced the upgrade of Epe-Ibeju Lekki road. A major road construction usually leads to the price of land in an area to greatly increase.

I mentioned this in the book I wrote recently about how to make a lot of money investing in real estate.

Other major factors like the Lekki Free Trade Zone phase 2, Alaro city, Epe resort, etc, show that prices of land in Epe is about to skyrocket.

Coincidentally, just when I was preparing a guide to Lagos for a client that was planning to move to Lagos, I wrote about Epe too. I wished then that we see an estate that is affordable for people to invest without breaking the bank.

That was when I found out about Aceville II.

This amazing Estate is located in Eredo, just five minutes away from the Lekki-Epe expressway. It offers a generous space with a full plot of 600sqm with a lovely and secure environment.

The estate has facilities such as good road network, drainage system, street light, stable water supply, recreational centre and more. This makes it a standard estate.

It is safe to invest in because it is free from government acquisition and any other issues.

The first phase of this estate was successful. And people are already keying into this second phase. You should not miss out too.

A plot of 600sqm land in this estate goes for N1.6 million and you can secure it with an initial deposit of 200k only. You can then spread payments for 5 months without interest.

You can also spread payments for up to 12 months with an additional interest of 100k only (#1.7 million total).

At an initial deposit of 200k, for 12 months, you only #166,666 monthly. That is quite affordable right?

The price of the land already includes the survey, the deed of assignment, the development fee and the corner fencing. So you don't have to pay any extra fees.

Once you pay the #1.6 million, you get your land, your survey, and even your corner fencing!

Is that not beautiful?

The price of land in Epe is rising rapidly. The average price of land in Epe is currently at #2.5 million.

Many projects have already kickstarted in Epe such as the reconstruction of the Lekki-Epe expressway and a 110 bed maternal centre with world class facilities commissioned by the Lagos state governor himself.

Epe is predicted to have a returns of up to #20 - 25 million within the next decade by experts.

It is now or never to invest. And you can key in today with an initial deposit of 200k only.

So don't delay any further.

Give me a call now or chat with me on WhatsApp. Let's help you secure your investment in this amazing estate.

P.S. You can secure a full plot of 600sqm at #1.6 million with an initial deposit of 200k only and spread payments for 5 months. No additional fees, no interest. Contact us now.

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